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We create, manage, and support hosted cloud environments including ongoing maintenance, training, and support. Additional services include staff augmentation, training, software development, internal technical support, and a special focus on librarian services.

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Managed Services

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Ongoing modernization efforts are challenging. Maintaining and refreshing your technology stacks, integration and customization, staff training, and productivity, all that effort is time-consuming - even exhausting. Risetime Managed Services can do the work for you by leveraging the cloud, simplifying your infrastructure, and even expert staffing so you have the tools, technology, and experts to keep things humming so your team can focus on the business and what you do best. Our services include:

  • Technology portfolio management functions

  • Technical debt review

  • Project planning support

  • Methodology

  • Quality assurance and testing

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Digital Content &
Librarian Services

Information Management encompasses the documents, media, and content that flow throughout the organization and the Digital Content and Librarian Services provides experts that provide operational support. For more than 25 years, our expertise has helped companies tame those ever-growing requirements. Risetime Professional Services offers custom-fit packages to meet a client’s business needs, including:

  • Risetime Librarians have a specialized skill set and understanding of healthcare and pharmaceutical industry requirements. We have the expertise to handle assets and metadata correctly in an FDA-regulated industry.

  • Our VVPM-certified administrators understand the processes and procedures that are necessary to support healthcare compliance and can tailor the system to improve efficiencies.

  • We exceed the standards for librarians because we understand the
 requirements necessary to support the assets used in Content Management.

  • We understand both the front and back end of the Veeva PromoMats system, translating technical concepts into digestible steps for your users.

  • We develop a user security model to ensure proper lifecycle management.

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Implement & Upgrade

Modernization and migrations are not easy. We partner with you, to strategize the plans, designs, and methodology that work for you, and address your business needs. Unlike the big stack, one-throat-to-choke, all-in-one vendors, we get the upgrade, implemenatation, and deployment done right and we stick around to make sure your solutions continue to perform to expectations, adding value, and the ability to adapt and grow with you for years to come. We're passionate about developing and maintaining long-term relationships. We're not going away. We see things through. We add value every step of the way.

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Cloud Hosting

Risetime currently manages a diverse portfolio of DAM applications in our Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment spanning the full spectrum of DAM needs. Applications include custom workflows, CMS integrations, automated channel delivery, and video transcoding. Our technical staff handles all backend administration, such as applying hotfixes and minor upgrades, as well as system monitoring and optimization. We host a variety of OpenText DAM clients in our Amazon Cloud (AWS) environment, including a large international client in the consumer products industry, a major Hollywood Studio, and other marketing-driven businesses.

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Project Management

Risetime project managers are certified and experienced, experts in information management. We establish a relationship based on listening and understanding, fine-tuning our communication as the project progresses. Developing a plan for success with clients includes a roadmap with timelines, phases, and budget. Our expertise in developing, managing, and deploying projects, as well as services to ensure continuity, adoption, and compliance, provides the flexibility to deliver what works best for you today and will grow with you in the future.


Health and Beauty

The Health and Beauty industry offers a variety of products and will be impacted by the FDA's MoCRA regulations (Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act). Risetime offers support, partnering, and support to enhance the user experience, navigating the FDA regulations through:

  • Offering Managed Services support regarding compliance to meet MoCRA FDA regulations.

  • Internal review and analysis of current workflows, providing recommendations to meet new MoCRA compliance

  • Support enhanced MoCRA compliance through improved documents and requirements for FDA submittal

  • Engage with Compliance Officers, supporting MoCRA FDA submittals, review, and approval

  • Set-up optional company engagement with Generis CARA as a tenant, developing document management support

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