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At Risetime we know that every client and customer is unique, with different needs, different communication styles, and we strive to engage in meaningful ways. Our dedicated experts and professionals want to help you plan for success. Working with Risetime, we recognize these stages as key to our approach.

ListeningUnderstanding - icon-250x250.png

Listening &

At this stage, a relationship is established as we learn about each other and fine-tune our communication. Activities may include discovery sessions, mapping the current technology landscape, exploring your issues, uncovering any limitations, and defining and aligning our capabilities to your desired end state and goal.

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Risetime has tools to help evaluate the current state, your strengths and weaknesses, productivity, costs, time to revenue, and ROI. Working together to identify your key factors to align people, processes, and technology with time, costs, and resources.

PlanBlueprint - icon-250x250.png

Plan & Blueprint
for the Future

A plan for success outlines a roadmap including timelines, phases, and budget. Our expertise in developing, managing, and deploying projects, as well as services to ensure continuity, adoption, and compliance, provides the flexibility to deliver what works best for you today and will grow with you in the future.

ScopeScale - icon-250x250.png

Project Plan,
Scope & Scale

Create a project plan with defined milestones, scope, and scale. The project plan shows the agreed path forward, what the project is to accomplish, and what "done" looks like. It covers these key areas.

  • Tech stack & environment (cloud & on-prem)

  • Architecture & deployment

  • Migration, integration, and custom development

AdoptionSuccess - icon-250x250.png

& Success

This stage provides ongoing technical support, services, training, and coaching to optimize your solution and generate a positive impact on your organization.

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