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Risetime performs day-to-day tasks so you can focus on your products, services, and customers.

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Support the FDA Compliance Process

We administer systems that capture chain-of-custody, claims, and references during the MLR/PRC review and approval workflows that are critical for FDA submission.

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Confidence in Usage Rights Management

Document licensing and usage information that is critical to externally obtained assets. We catch the $100 mistake before it becomes a $100,000 disaster.

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Metadata & Taxonomy Gatekeepers

We effectively manage metadata and taxonomies to ensure accurate searchability.

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Promote Operational Excellence

Communities of practice are a key aspect of a successful governance model, and we can help to identify them.

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Support All Users of Your DAM

We ensure continuity through organizational and agency changes, minimizing the impact on your workflows and processes.

  • Risetime Librarians have an elevated understanding of healthcare and pharmaceutical industry requirements, including PII identification. We have the expertise to handle assets and metadata correctly in an FDA regulated industry

  • Our VVPM certified administrators understand the processes and procedures that are necessary to support healthcare compliance and can tailor the system to your needs

  • We exceed the standards for librarians because we understand the requirements necessary to support the assets used in Creative Operations

  • We understand both the front and backend of VVPM and we can translate technical concepts into digestible steps for your users

  • We develop a user security model to ensure proper lifecycle management

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