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Our experts review your business processes and system configurations to provide valuable insights.

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Systems + Workflows

We conduct a functional end-to-end review of your configuration and workflows, including the initial project management system (e.g., Adobe Workfront), your Digital Asset System, and supporting tools for omnichannel deployment.

 Based on your business needs, this includes:

  • Document, object, and user role security

  • Metadata review

  • Lifecycle review

  • Content management

  • Compliance review and approval (MLR/PRC)

  • Digital dissemination

  • Material management and fulfillment

  • Expiration and destruction

  • User management and access

  • Governance, training, and change management

  • Tech Stack analysis, development, and implementation

  • DAM, MAM, PIM, AI, and Project Management

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Existing Documentation

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We review your organization’s artifacts, from user documentation to companywide Standard Operating Procedures. We develop a comprehensive understanding of how your documents and processes are structured, identifying areas for improvement. 

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+ Departments

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We interview stakeholders to better understand the intricacies of your business processes and how your employees work together. This reveals pain points,  breakdowns in interdepartmental communication, what is working, and what needs to be fixed. These conversations are invaluable during the implementation and training phases as they identify opportunities to strengthen processes and clarify expectations.

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Assessment Results

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The results of the assessment include a comprehensive list of suggested improvements and efficiencies, including:

  • Recommended areas for system development

  • Identify technical gaps

  • Risk identification

  • Process improvement suggestions

  • Material lifecycle management including fulfillment, inventory, and destruction

  • Agency management and creative file compliance and archiving

  • An end-to-end process map specific to your business process needs

  • Resources to help you implement these changes

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