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Risetime provided a complete team of resources (team lead/project manager, business analyst, developers and QA analyst) and took responsibility for the mid-size projects.

Client Profile

Established in 1939, Wheels, Inc. has grown to one of the leading automotive fleet management companies in the US by providing full service fleet leasing and management while focusing on increasing driver productivity and reducing costs.

Client Success Story

Wheels, Inc.



The IT systems at Wheels are critical to supporting their clients and managing the business. Like many companies, the IT staff was consumed working on major new projects and keeping up with smaller change orders required to fix issues or provide minor enhancements. Wheels turned to Risetime to provide a team that would focus on mid-size IT projects (1,000-2,000 man hours) and increase the benefits IT provided to the business.


The strategic business goals of the mid-size projects included:

  • Improve efficiency in the company’s financial systems and business operations.

  • Address vendor and client needs.

  • Help meet critical deadlines.


Risetime has successfully completed more than 16 different mid-sized projects for Wheels and continues to deliver project management and technical services. A few of the projects Risetime has completed for Wheels include:

  • Paperless Office Project: In conjunction with Wheels’ client Nationwide Insurance, Risetime developed a comprehensive family of Web-based capabilities that enable all fleet-related information and transactions to be accessed or conducted online.

  • DPP (Driver Performance Profile). A system whereby profiles are built based on a wide range of criteria to assess risky drivers. The profile provides Wheels’ clients early insight so that corrective action can be taken, minimizing risk to the driver, the client, and Wheels.

  • Vehicle Weights Classifications: Risetime helped Wheels identify and resolve gaps in accuracy in the various sources of vehicle weights, and helped develop a system for the correct classification of vehicles based on their weight.

  • Violations Recovery Program: This system facilitates the payment of moving violations to the appropriate jurisdiction, as well as recovery of the violation fine from the driver of the vehicle.


By partnering with Risetime, Wheels, Inc. has successfully:

  • Met critical vendor and client deadlines.

  • Improved efficiency in multiple departments.

  • Increased staff flexibility to allow other critical projects to be completed.

  • Realized an immediate and significant return on investment.

To find out how Risetime can bring exceptional results like these to your business, contact us today.

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