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​Client Success Story >

City of Chicago


Challenge >

Small Business owners struggle to understand the processes they must go through, the resources available to them, and what it takes to start and run a small business in the City of Chicago. 98% of Chicago businesses are small businesses, making up the significant majority of job growth in this large metropolitan market. 
The City of Chicago recognized the need to better inform small business of the information and resourcesat their disposal across all departments of the City.  Further, they wanted to provide a venue to answer common questions and that didn’t require a phone call or visit to City hall.

Goal >

Deliver timely information for starting, expanding, and retaining a small business in the City of Chicago.

Solution >

Risetime created a new model for organizing and delivering the most important information and resources tailored to the needs of each small business.  The Small Business Wizard is a user-friendly Web-based tool which serves as a gateway for the small business community and providing customized information.
The Small Business Wizard uses a simple survey process that directs a small business customer to specific information customized to their needs.  

Value >

Better served and informed small business is a win-win for the City of Chicago and the business owners within. The system eliminates the need for small business owners to wade through irrelevant information from across numerous city departments, and gives each user exactly what they need when they need it.
The Small Business Wizard was selected as the Best Economic Development Web Site in the world in 2005 by the International Economic Development Committee, a global professional organization for people working in the field of economic development.
To find out how Risetime can bring exceptional results like these to your business, contact us today. 



Develop an easily accessed, user-friendly, online solution to serve the Chicago small business community in answering common questions and identifying city resources at their disposal.

Client Profile

The City of Chicago Government serves business, residents, and visitors of the Windy City, home to an estimated 2.8 million residents, the third most populous city in the country.  


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