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Workflow and Content in Three Acts

Updated: Jul 9

by: John Price, CMO Risetime

At the Creative Operations 2024 event in New York, I spoke with many attendees and sponsors. What I found keenly interesting was the intersection of workflow and content in creative ops. The workflow can be set in three acts. 

Act 1:  Pre-production

This phase involves the ideation, creative brief, and planning. Focusing on the purpose, objective, intent, audience, and then moving into production planning, budgeting, resourcing and scheduling.

Act 2: Production

This involves all the activities required to generate images, photos, videos, scripts, copy, etc. for the desired marketing impact and outcomes. It encompasses project management, cost controls, and processes to review, approve and manage content with appropriate security, access controls, and rights management

Act 3:  Delivery & distribution

This involves the execution of campaigns and the flow of content to the audience, ensuring it gets to the right channel at the right time and in the proper formats.

After the "show" the reviews come in. How successful was it? Did it engage the audience, did it meet the purpose and objective? What are the next steps?

Looking at this framework, let's think about the data. In each act a great amount of data is generated, and part of the workflow involves managing this data effectively. At Creative Ops, I learned about products and tools that work well in this area. From a global perspective, how is the data managed, and, more importantly, do you have the data you need to make good decisions and show your value and effectiveness? What were the results of all the effort and costs? Did your marketing make a difference in educating, informing, persuading, and even inspiring the target audience? Was there a tangible return on investment or value delivered to the organization?

Like Broadway productions, there are runaway successes in the big theatres, quick show closings,  Off-Broadway, and touring shows. But unlike Broadway productions, content can instantly be reused, repurposed, and renewed in multiple ways to meet evolving marketing needs.

The intersection of workflow and content signifies a broader, more holistic view of repeatable processes, relevant data, and the tools and expertise to continuously improve. After all, the show must go on.


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