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Ongoing modernization efforts are challenging. Maintaining and refreshing your technology stacks, integration and customization, staff training, and productivity, all that effort is time-consuming - even exhausting.

Risetime Professional Services can do the work for you by leveraging the cloud, simplifying your infrastructure, and even expert staffing so you have the tools, technology, and experts to keep things humming so your team can focus on the business and what you do best.

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Professional Services

for Information Management

Information Management encompasses the documents, media, and content that flows throughout the organization. It is the lifeblood of the organization. For more than 25 years our expertise has helped companies tame those ever-growing enterprise information requirements . Risetime's Professional Services team  offer custom-fit, Managed Service packages that include:

  • Project planning support

  • Technology portfolio management functions

  • Methodology and best practices

  • Quality assurance and testing

  • Governance and process/change management

  • Dedicated expert resources for staffing and development

  • Coordination of efforts and initiatives

  • Specialized skill sets

Risetime currently manages a diverse portfolio of DAM and Enterprise Content Management applications in our Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment spanning the full spectrum of DAM needs. Applications include custom workflows, CMS integrations, automated channel delivery, and video transcoding. Our technical staff handles all backend administration, such as applying hotfixes and minor upgrades, as well as system monitoring and optimization. We host a variety of OpenText DAM clients, our Amazon Cloud (AWS) environment, including a large international client in the consumer products industry, a major Hollywood Studio, and other marketing-driven businesses.

Risetime treats DAM as a key foundational part of modern, integrated ecosystems. DAM manages the content lifecycle - from creation to distribution to archive - and every team in the organization interacts with it.

Digital Asset Management DAM is the primary repository of media for the organization. DAM has distinct disciplines and services such as brand management,  product information, rights management, media library services, ingest, transform, deliver, and archive. It touches every area of the organization, and when done well, engaging, personalized, and relevant communications are the result. Our experts know how to make DAM work right, and we excel in partnering with our clients

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