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Our Featured Managed Services address specific industries and use cases.
For more than 25 years Risetime has assisted our clients with a wide range of  Managed Services. Our maturity, expertise and dedication has helped clients to achieve their goals.

R2 DAM Orchestration Engine

R2 DAM is an “orchestration engine”, which means content and media can move, transform and conform based on the data, path and destination. RIsetime created R2 DAM as a way to address content and metadata flows across platforms and applications. The R2 DAM engine provides interconnected components to orchestrate that flow in complex ecosystems.

R2 DAM unifies the tech stack, extending, embedding and enabling DAM and content functionality at the point of interaction and throughout the media supply chain. It adheres to security and access controls, with auditability and notifications, with two way communication for analytics and reporting. Here are some examples of complex orchestration of multiple workstreams, applications and content flows.

  • Product Information (PIM) populates online catalogs with images, data, and pricing pulled from Master Data (MDM) and DAM, returning analytics and reporting for better decision making. 

  • Personalization of CMS and customer experience requires individualized content to be delivered at the point of interaction, based on the profile data of the customer. Efficient and timely delivery requires the coordination of different systems to create that compelling and engaging customer experience.

  • FDA compliance for life sciences use cases. R2DAM can manage chain of custody, medical-legal-regulatory (MLR) review, audit trails, licensing, and rights information through active governance 

DAM is frequently considered to be foundational to tech stacks and platforms - the core repository, single source of truth and central hub for content. This monolithic view of DAM is giving way to  “headless” in which the DAM system has no front end. The DAM functionality can be embedded within adjacent applications or purpose-built, based on specific user needs. R2 DAM enables the orchestration requirements using your existing DAM or migrating to a new one. R2DAM can address a specific use case or rationalize a company’s information architecture to solve systemic issues and optimize the content flows for people, process and technology.


Library Services

Risetime Library Services leverages cloud-hosting, on-premises staff augmentation, or both based on your tech stack, configuration, workflows, and business needs. We serve many organizations that want to outsource their information management or DAM systems and utilize our expertise, reducing all that DAM complexity to a simple monthly fee. We can work out a plan that works for you.

Our Library Services include:

  • Assessment and review

  • Migration, ingest, transformation and management

  • Archiving

  • Data models

  • Metadata and taxonomy

  • Security, access and user management

  • Content lifecycle

  • Expiration and destruction

  • Compliance review and approval

  • Governance and process/change management

  • Training and support


OpenText Case Study

Risetime are experts in updating and modernizing any versions of OpenText Media Management. We have helped many companies migrate to the cloud and get on the latest version to take advantage of new features and functionality. Plus we can integrate OpenText with Slack, Workfront, product information management and many other applications. No pain – just optimal efficiency and minimal downtime. Risetime is an OpenText Premier Partner, with  priority support . We are experts in these products, and provide superior managed services technical support and training to drive success.  Our flexible offerings meet any budget and can provide dedicated, shared, or cloud-based solutions based on your needs.


  • We eliminate the need for your staff resources that are administering your OpenText products today.

  • Annual OpenText maintenance costs are included with our first-line support.

  • As part of your hosting services, we provide constant health and performance checks to your system based on OpenText best practices and proactively respond to mitigate issues and downtime for your users.

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