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Our approach demands a lot from our project managers. We track progress and dollars daily. Any of our PM's can tell you on the spot how their projects are doing.


We communicate with stakeholders every 2 weeks at minimum.  We report planned versus delivered story points, earned value ratios and estimate at completion.  All of which is tracked against the original plan.

Our methodology and approach to project delivery has obviously changed along with technology over the last 35 years.  


Today - no surprise, we're AGILE!  (Does anyone admit they are not these days?) 


As a consulting company we have our own flavor that we believe allows us to stay true to the best principles of agile but acknowledging that our clients methodology is rarely going to be an exact match of ours.


Therefore, our consultants are not only agile trained and experienced but adapt at blending our techniques within a client's methodology as needed. 


For scenarios where we are able to leverage our methodology we use our (312)  methodology.  (An homage to our roots as a Chicago company!)


Our (312) methodology includes a quick start, rapid prototypes and technology spikes that allow us to deliver agile projects (regardless of technology) in 90 days or less.


Teams using the (312)  

  •  3 Day Business Solution Workshop

  •  1 Week Prototype and Technical Spike

  •  2 Month or Less Production Delivery

    • 2 week iterations of narratives, building and testing


In today’s world, our clients demand results and business value quickly. Our methods, experience and lessons learned also allow us to propose “fixed and firm” projects that reduce our clients exposure and risk - just ask our clients!

Give us a call if you'd like to  use the (312) on your next project!

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