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SharePoint Public Facing Websites

manage your website without it. really.

If you know how to use Microsoft Word and Explorer, you can easily use SharePoint to manage your web content. Ease of use is just one of the reasons our clients chose to house their web sites on the SharePoint platform. The streamlined content management capabilities are another benefit of SharePoint, allowing clients to communicate effectively and efficiently with their customers.


The user experience is equal in value to the choice of technology platform. We work with a variety of visual design partners to bring your SharePoint website to life, understanding brand guidelines and the importance of reinforcing your brand.


Functionally, we create wireframes and write business requirements for transactional sites that address user requirements. We include web analytics implementation (both SharePoint and FAST search) and any other features and functions you need, including social networking tools like wikis and blogs and the ability to incorporate multimedia content.


If you’re organization is considering a SharePoint website project, contact Risetime for expert advice.

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