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City of Chicago


Challenge >

A person or business looking to complete a construction project needs to provide the City of Chicago numerous forms and supporting documentation in order to obtain permits for their project. In the past, this meant navigating several City departments to get the proper information and approvals to move the project forward.
The City of Chicago’s Department of Construction and Permits recognized an obvious need to better inform constituents of all of the necessary applications they must complete, special conditions based on the location of the project, costs and supporting documentation specific to the unique project and location. 

Goal >

To more efficiently communicate and assist the public in navigating the often complicated process of securing a permit for construction projects.

Solution >

Risetime created the Permit Wizard, a simple tool that allows applicants to respond to a series of questions about the project they are looking to complete. The Permit Wizard consists of content management processes using web-based content management tools to allow the Department to administer questions and content to ensure that as policies or processes change, the system reflects new requirements. 
The Permit Wizard performs the following functions:

  • Simple questionnaire results in a comprehensive set of documentation to prepare the applicant for the application process, including forms that an applicant has to complete.

  • Where e-Permitting exists, the applicant can complete the permitting process online.

Value >

The City of Chicago realized the following benefits from the Permit Wizard:

  • Eliminate redundancy and confusion often associated with bureaucratic processes by clearly communicating all steps residents must take to secure construction permits.

  • Applicants reduce the amount of time required to obtain a permit because they understand each requirement and are more prepared. 
The Department of Construction and Permits has streamlined the application process and achieved new levels of internal efficiency and cost savings.​
Applicants are more prepared so they spend less time asking questions of staff, coming with partial or incomplete applications, or not having proper documentation to complete the process.​
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Develop a web-based tool to assist City of Chicago residents and businesses in understanding the building permit process by answering a series of questions about the project they are looking to complete.

Client Profile

The City of Chicago Government serves business, residents, and visitors of the Windy City, home to an estimated 2.8 million residents, the third most populous city in the country.